Use this tool in order to render your source code impossible to understand, be it single files or projects with complex hierarchies, so as to make reverse-engineering much more difficult than developing a core from the ground.

Use obfuscation to safeguard your company's Intellectual Property while respecting the full synthesizability of the core. This means that it will never affect speed, resource usage, etc. Its usage is also recommended for preprocessing source code before converting it to netlist format, in order to further obfuscate internal signals that otherwise would be exposed in your netlist.

VISENGI's VHDL Obfuscator & Watermarker provides strong obfuscation by means of a cryptographic hash function. As such, the obfuscation applied is in fact an undecipherable one-way function, just like email secure signing.


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The VHDL Obfuscator & Watermarker runs automatically the following jobs in your project code:

  • Automatically delete all comments and de-structure your code.
  • Obfuscates all internal names of components, signals, variables, ports, etc.
  • Safe obfuscation of wrapper files, instantiated library components, macroblocks, etc.
  • Watermark your code by having a different obfuscation for each client.
  • Command line interface binaries available both for Windows and Linux.

The watermarking feature allows you to immediately identify the source of a copyright breach if you ever find your source code in the wrong hands.


For any further information on this tool or if you would like to receive a price quotation, please use the Contact form or the Quote Request button.

This software is supplied as two functionally identical executables, one for the GUI interface, and another for the command line interface, accompanied by a thorough documentation with usage examples of real-life complex projects.